Please help me:( I'm vegetarian experimenting with vegan ism and have been mostly eating vegan for a while now. But the problem is that my mom is not supportive of me at all and she always puts me down because of my lifestyle choices. I always feel so uncomfortable when going to relatives houses and I can't eat anything there. I don't eat meat anymore but sometimes I eat other animal products and it makes me feel so guilty and upset :(


I’m sorry you’re going through that. You have to see veganism not as just food but as a way of thinking, a lifestyle. I could be at a party and have a 100 plates of non-vegan food in front of me for hours and it wouldn’t even be a thought in my mind to eat any of it. I’d figure out something to eat, there’s always something. You can always bring your own food, too. As for your mom you should try and educate her on it. Show her documentaries and articles, check out my facts page. The internet is a wonderful thing. Don’t let it get you down! It’s your life after all, love.